Popinvasion Creative Media Agency is growing, and we need your help.

We’ve been blessed with growing in clientele in the past years of being in business, and now it’s time to pick a new place to call our own.

We’re looking for an open, sleek, updated, modern office space in the Hampton Township, McCandless, or Lawrenceville area near Pittsburgh with lots of natural light. It would need to have potential for our team to set up a studio, conference room, and reception area for our clients.  Street-view visibility is a must. Just like we love to get that online traffic to our website, we love to get our feet in the street as well.  And we could use some good referrals to find just the right place!

And hey – you know what other referrals we’re in need of?

We need interns for the Summer and Spring 2018 season, especially in marketing, communications and graphic design, and also for our photography and videography department. Do you know the right candidate? Send them our way!

We’ve also got some exciting re-branding news for our own brand coming (Hey, we put our money where our mouth is!). So stay tuned!

And as always, we welcome any referral for any company in need of professional photography, videography, graphic design, web development, and professional writing, and we’ve got quite an attractive referral program for that as well, so you may as well pass on our name to your network contacts (Aside from the reason that we’re awesome and love to make our clients happy with what we provide)!


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