Popinvasion provides product photography and product feature vlogging videos for SOLIDteknics USA – patented seamless 1pc wrought cookware made 100% in USA


This company is revolutionary. We started our connection with them back when they launched in Australia, and featured them in some of our food prep videos (Through our vlogging-style videos) found on our YouTube with the videos shown below.  Now, they’re about to launch in the US, and they chose us to produce their introductory product videos and product photography! And we aim to please!


Check out the media we provided on their Kickstarter!


A bit more of the media we provided for them can be found on their Facebook. Please feel free to like their page, share their page, and buy their products when they become fully available in the US! As one of the first to receive their cookware, we are the proud owners of their U.S. made stainless steel line, and we swear by them!

Before we can share more, you can feel free to watch the videos we provided a few years ago when they launched their Australian-line kickstarter in the meantime, shown below!


Here’s a bit more about Solidteknics, too, as recently posted on their Facebook page!

“Solidteknics – a new 100% USA cookware manufacturing era is born!
Watch the unveiling of one of the best-kept cookware industry secrets to Chef Marshall at a very special place in Chicago. https://youtu.be/LAK-pqXjXZk

The world-first seamless one-piece wrought cookware that has been such a success in Australia is now also being manufactured in the USA, from USA-made wrought iron and ferritic stainless steel, for all the same legendary cookware performance, multi-century durability, health and sustainability, as the Australian originals.

Just like the Australian launches, we will be launching the USA versions on Kickstarter to build them into full ranges, starting with our first campaign within 2 weeks! To be sure you don’t miss the launch announcement, join our Solid Supporters newsletter list here: www.solidteknics.com/contact (only used for the big announcments: not for sales spam)

In Episode 3 we go out on the factory floor and show Chef Marshall watching one of our patented seamless 1pc pans being made before his eyes. We posted this video and Episode 1 and 3 first to our Group Facebook page, and the discussion has been amazing. Join them here for all the big & fun news first: www.facebook.com/groups/solidteknicsusers/ (It’s a members-only group, full of supportive beautiful spirits, so you’ll need to answer 3 questions to join.)

We look forward to hearing from all the fans of our Australian cookware, and new fans of our soon to be launched SOLIDteknics USA cookware!”

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